Not Small

In my dreams
I’m 5 foot 2
I smile so big
As I look up to you

You hold me close
Your body pressed to mine
A kiss on my neck
A shiver runs down my spine

Your little girl
Is what I wish to be
Not this gaint
6 foot 1 tree

But in your arms
Your love so tall
This Amazon
Can feel small

– Shelly Franklin

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Wants and Needs

She wanted a lover who could have sex with her soul, and taste her thought process while she read books to them topless. A lover that could unravel riddles with their tongue as they watched her words turn into moans that spoke intelligence. A lover that would meet her on the edge of forever, letting their darkness meld into hers as they watch their demons play with each other.
She needs a lover whose voice could make her sit up straight while making her squim. A lover that reddens her ass with the correcting carress of their hand, keeps her screaming in pleasure long after she thinks she can’t take any more, and holds her tight, telling her how beautiful she is when she knows she is a complete mess.
– Shelly Franklin

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Retired Actor

I made him up
when I was very young
The person they needed
To be their son

He played the part
Filled the role
Became my outer image
To save my soul

I played the part
Learned my lines
Became my art

But no one knew
The real me
I play the part
So effectively

A method actor
With no awards to show
Finally free
And ready to grow

I’m the original
And I’m here to stay
The costumes and character
I’ve finally thrown away

– Shelly Franklin

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My Choice

I was the Queen
Ruler of my world
But I took a chance
Dressed as a Princess for the ball

He took my hand
Made me his Princess
Showed me his ruler
And let me be his Wench

Still the Queen
Treated like a princess
And happily his Whore

– Shelly Franklin

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Just a Thread

I can be the tether that keeps you each grounded

I can be the heart string that links you all together

I can be the thread that stitches all your old wounds closed

I can be the yarn that’s used to knit the fabric of our lives tighter

All of those I can be and will gladly do so with strength and be unbreakable

But understand I am not strong enough to be a rope for tug-of-war

I will unravel into broken strands that will never be mended or put back together

– Shelly Franklin

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