My Choice

I was the Queen
Ruler of my world
But I took a chance
Dressed as a Princess for the ball

He took my hand
Made me his Princess
Showed me his ruler
And let me be his Wench

Still the Queen
Treated like a princess
And happily his Whore

– Shelly Franklin

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Just a Thread

I can be the tether that keeps you each grounded

I can be the heart string that links you all together

I can be the thread that stitches all your old wounds closed

I can be the yarn that’s used to knit the fabric of our lives tighter

All of those I can be and will gladly do so with strength and be unbreakable

But understand I am not strong enough to be a rope for tug-of-war

I will unravel into broken strands that will never be mended or put back together

– Shelly Franklin

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Moving forward

Coming back?
I know you’re not

The breath I held
I’ve freed at last

Moving on?
I know I’m not

Moving forward
I am at last

– Shelly

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Here for you
I leave this note
Some simple words
this night I wrote

Your friendship, trust, and love
I need
Your passion, lust, and greed
I’ll feed

Take my body
your control I crave
My heart and soul
already your slave

Be my Mistress
Hold my chain
Let me serve you
Whether in pleasure or pain

In your arms
Or on my knees
To my heart and bonds
You hold the keys

– Shelly

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At Last

They fell in love with me,
just me.

Not who I think they want me to be
not who others want me to be.

I cannot chase them away
or ruin anything by being who I am
for that is what they love.

The love of my life
Powerful and everlasting
Sustaining and supporting.

The new ones
Wild but protective
Demanding and caring.

All of them
perfect in their flaws
Perfection just for me

– Shelly

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I spent so long writing about my pain, loss, and sadness when it changed I just stopped writing. I’m not sure I can write about the happiness. Yes I have happy times, happy memories, even happy days. But how to express is is still new to me. I understand happiness’s cruel sibling, understand it so well but this new emotion, new feelings are foreign to me that I am still surprised by it. I have cried in joy, cried just because I wasn’t sad, laughed at pain from the past, and cried when that pain was gone. Sadness has sustained me when all else failed and taught me so much. I feel almost guilty leaving it behind as it assures me I will be back. True, I may be, but this is now my time. My time for some joy and happiness. My time to break all masks and just be free, be me. The real me.

– Shelly

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I cry her tears
To hide her pain
I mask my fears
Projecting societies shame

She lives in me
A prisoner of no crime
Almost free
Soon it will be time

I can rest at last
For she will be free
Her journey just starting
Pride and revelry

Some will hate her
But please understand
I was always just an act
While she learned to stand

My show has run it’s course
I will not jump the shark
Her debut has come at last
In this world, she will make her mark

– Chas Harold

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