I See You

I see you
the ugly and the beautiful
but I also see the parts you may not even see
as we are sometimes blinded to our imperfection

I see you
the you that cries for the pain in the world
but I also see the part that when pushed too far
is covered in blood from causing that pain

I see you
the little child hiding
but I also see the part capable of standing
fighting, and taking on the world when needed

I see you
the parts you love about yourself
but I also see the part you hate
the parts you wish and pray you could change

I see YOU
the complete you
and I accept and love it ALL

– Chas Harold
* Authors note: Read this to yourself every day, for when you believe it so will others.

About you, by you. Bios are terrible. I’m just a guy who occasionally writes what he thinks. If you like it pass it on, if you don’t like it, complain about it then pass it on. But at least do something. This country has become a bunch of whiners that just sit on there butts. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

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