About Shelly

The things I’ve seen, the stuff I’ve done… Ok, briefly, for those that are going to ask.

About you, by you.

Bios are terrible. But I will put something here. I am trans – Trans what? How? As soon as I figure that out, meaning if it becomes more important to me to have a label, I will place it here. I am, most days, equal parts male and female. I have genitals and I sleep with whomever I find attractive at that moment. I have some body types I like to look at but intelligence and personality seem to overrule that more often than not.

I’m on a journey to find my childhood as I seem to have blocked most of it out. I have my whole adult life only remembered a few select moments of it and I think left it that way for my own protection. But now I’m older and in need of knowing the truth, painful or not.

So digging through old notebooks, steno pads, cassette tapes, anything that I have left from that time in my life and forcing myself to relive each moment. I am writing it down as I remember. Not here, here I am sharing poems I wrote then and poems I am writing now about what I am finding. There will also be random newer stuff thrown in as it flows out of my brain.

Painful is a good word but so is survivor.

The best way to find out about me is to read my poems, you will know more about me than most of my friends or family. Maybe even me.

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