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Retired Actor

I made him up when I was very young The person they needed To be their son He played the part Filled the role Became my outer image To save my soul Everyday I played the part Learned my lines

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My Choice

I was the Queen Ruler of my world But I took a chance Dressed as a Princess for the ball He took my hand Made me his Princess Showed me his ruler And let me be his Wench Still the

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Just a Thread

I can be the tether that keeps you each grounded I can be the heart string that links you all together I can be the thread that stitches all your old wounds closed I can be the yarn that’s used

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Moving forward

Coming back? I know you’re not The breath I held I’ve freed at last Moving on? I know I’m not Moving forward I am at last – Shelly

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Here for you I leave this note Some simple words this night I wrote Your friendship, trust, and love I need Your passion, lust, and greed I’ll feed Take my body your control I crave My heart and soul already

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