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A Cruel Thing the Mind is

Have you ever had that perfect moment of clarity where your mind finds that one memory you never wanted to remember and immerses you in it? Every sight, sound, and smell? Making you experience it over again without mercy. The

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An Autumn Night

The grass was damp no one around the sky was clear moonlight painted the ground A bottle of rum to warm my insides memories of you wash over me like the tides Connected forever our souls entwined lost to each

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Lisa’s Tears and Mine

Today she cried. I felt it, I felt her momentary realization of where she was, and why she was there. I felt the pain, the sorrow, the knowledge. It lasted for only a moment, eternity to her, but in those

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Lisa Room

There is a girl, who sits in a room, walls painted white, her mind consumed. The furniture sparse, a cold metal bed, her soul lost, somewhere inside her head. She sits at her table, crayons in hand, drawing pictures of

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