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I spent so long writing about my pain, loss, and sadness when it changed I just stopped writing. I’m not sure I can write about the happiness. Yes I have happy times, happy memories, even happy days. But how to

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I did not realize how much of my life I had written out in poems till I started transcribing it and posting it here. I’m currently trying to put it all in a date order rather than the random order

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Celebrate the Right Things

Tomorrow like today and the day after all the start of a new year Resolutions made on only this day will magically be kept? Hugs and kisses from strangers or loved ones will have more meaning than those the day

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Reaching Out

I don’t really post more here than poetry as it is how I express my feelings. But I have been reading another blog for months now and every day I wish I could reach out to her. She has her

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Equal = Equal

EQUAL = EQUAL This starts with teaching children the genders are equal. You can’t teach a child that you can do something to one gender but not the other. Children learn very well, if it is ok to hit a

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Robin Williams will be missed

My daughter told me, not so long ago, that when Robin Williams dies the whole world will be devastated. She was right. The world morns the loss of a great person. We may never know what went on in his

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Is it really that hard to use your turn signal?

Really?? Is it really that hard to use your turn signal? I spend a lot of time in my car. I drive all over town for client appointments, taxiing the kids, taking my wife to and from work, and just

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