Silent Tears

In the silence and the still parts of my life
I hear her sobs
In the chaos and hustle of my day
I feel her pain
I know her sense of loss and abandonment

I weep for her
The her that should have been
The her that no one knows

but me

– Chas Harold

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Another Truth

The truth is
no one knows you want them all

The truth is
you dream of lust
gender is just a spice
a variety

The truth is
you could have it
if you only had the courage

The truth is
as you lust
so do others

– Chas Harold

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Descending Again

Falling forward
eyes tightly closed
dying a little each day
but no longer caring

Curled tightly
hiding in the dark
very few tears left

Craving release
fearing there is no end

Freedom stolen

– Chas Harold

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One Day I Hope

I want to be with you
when you fall in love with yourself

I want to look in your eyes
when you realize you’ve been standing on your own

I want to taste your victory
when your self-imposed bonds fall away

I want you to be more
than just your dream in my mirror

– Chas Harold

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I See You

I see you
the ugly and the beautiful
but I also see the parts you may not even see
as we are sometimes blinded to our imperfection

I see you
the you that cries for the pain in the world
but I also see the part that when pushed too far
is covered in blood from causing that pain

I see you
the little child hiding
but I also see the part capable of standing
fighting, and taking on the world when needed

I see you
the parts you love about yourself
but I also see the part you hate
the parts you wish and pray you could change

I see YOU
the complete you
and I accept and love it ALL

– Chas Harold
* Authors note: Read this to yourself every day, for when you believe it so will others.

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I hope you know I love you still
No matter what I always will

I know we’ve grown apart it seems
Still, I hold you in my dreams

I hope these paths we walk each day
will join again in some way

– Chas Harold

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I remember the first time you touched me
you wrapped yourself around me, loved me
and held me like no one ever had

I played in your grass
crying in your rain
feeling all of you as you washed through me

I was yours forever
but you would never be mine

It pleases me you still come when I call
your power and beauty excite my soul

You light my world in a single flash
and your voice takes my breath away

I gasp with each breath you take
as you wash my world clean

I miss you the moment you have gone
but I dare not keep you in one place too long

Your energy so wondrous and awesome
can become so destructive

I know I am just one of the many that feel your touch
and yet you always come to me, thrill me
set my very being on fire like it was the first time

– Chas Harold

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