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Another Night of Fear

Another night of tears another night of talking her off the ledge another night of fear of losing a daughter So tired, so very tired so much pain from her and for me Another boy lost her heart broken again

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Equal = Equal

EQUAL = EQUAL This starts with teaching children the genders are equal. You can’t teach a child that you can do something to one gender but not the other. Children learn very well, if it is ok to hit a

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I Can’t and Never Will

I got over aging I got over health issues we just couldn’t be kids forever I got over being called grandpa I got over them hardly having time for us everyone is busy, it happens I got over not working

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We Taught Them to be Bad

As a society, we force feed our children fast food an apathy while the media tells them they are fat and lazy. We tell our kids that hard work and being responsible is what will get them ahead in life

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