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He Left Again

The invitation was sent a party for two Spent my time getting ready a hot bath in a deep tub I was all in red and he wore black he kissed my tear stained cheek The gentleness of his kiss

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A Cruel Thing the Mind is

Have you ever had that perfect moment of clarity where your mind finds that one memory you never wanted to remember and immerses you in it? Every sight, sound, and smell? Making you experience it over again without mercy. The

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I thought I lost myself in hell I traveled far my soul to sell chased away with spear and stones I cannot sell what another owns So here I am to plead once more I see it there crushed on

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A Prayer

Here we are, another day our masks in place, shall we pray Lord you gave this burden to me I know not why, I cannot see The darkness you placed in my soul it keeps me deep in its hole

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Not a Friend

It starts as a thought a frightening thought end it all You’re scared stunned how could you think of such a thing Then the fear changes slowly morphing when you realized it may be your only option Your only way

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Our World

Take me now make it quick of this world I’ve grown sick Greed and cruelty all around lady justice beaten down Racist leaders on the rise deceiving people with their lies Religious leaders preaching hate no salvation unless you’re straight

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Praying for the End

Days in bed no want to get up sadness and just not caring No one to take care of me no one cares for me No more tests no more doctors no more pills I called my friend but death

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