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Battle Scars

The day had come a secret to share I see your scars I feel my own They may fade from sight but they never go away Each scar is a badge of a battle we lived through They remind us

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A Lump of Clay and an Artist

Shall we begin? She asked. I envision the stool though it was a couch Her hands on mine she sat on the other side of the room Hands in place clay on the wheel Time to mold a masterpiece well

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Just a Smile

My doctors say my time is short, killing me just for sport. The monster living in my head, killing me to keep it fed. The doctors want to spread the word, to friends and family, they want the news heard.

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My Demons Rejoice

My body hurts from head to toe my mind is screaming just let go a little farther, let it slip a river of life, not a drip My spirit battles to find a way but loses ground everyday soon I

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Lost love

30 years ago a very young sheltered boy poured his heart into a letter He spent all his free time which wasn’t a lot for someone in basic training writing rewriting the letter till he had it just perfect He

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