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I spent so long writing about my pain, loss, and sadness when it changed I just stopped writing. I’m not sure I can write about the happiness. Yes I have happy times, happy memories, even happy days. But how to

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I cry her tears To hide her pain I mask my fears Projecting societies shame She lives in me A prisoner of no crime Almost free Soon it will be time I can rest at last For she will be

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Oldest Friend

I’ve been with you, since the day you arrived, a misguided child, trying to survive. You knew I was there, you kept me from sight, you’ve suppressed me so long, now I’ve started to fight. I am that thing, that

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We two are “chameleons” of a sort. We adjust to the needs of the ones we love different to each person we love. Because we are both “chameleons” we flash and flicker to each other. Changing constantly always in flux.

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