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Another Truth

The truth is no one knows you want them all The truth is you dream of lust gender is just a spice a variety The truth is you could have it if you only had the courage The truth is

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One Day I Hope

I want to be with you when you fall in love with yourself I want to look in your eyes when you realize you’ve been standing on your own I want to taste your victory when your self-imposed bonds fall

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Know Me, As I hope To Know You

Yes, I see the color of your skin but I am not impressed just as I would not expect you to be impressed by the color of mine I see you as a person not your religion or race not

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He’s about 5’2″ 130lb blonde hair left long in front shaved tight in the back He has big blue eyes small pouty lips He is not handsome or beautiful he’s cute Very feminine no hair on his body except his

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Who Am I?

Buried in darkness chosen by silence left with just the static of my thoughts Face to face with only myself forced to listen waiting for some sort of wisdom Who am I? Am I who I’m supposed to be everything

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