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At Last

They fell in love with me, just me. Not who I think they want me to be not who others want me to be. I cannot chase them away or ruin anything by being who I am for that is

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I spent so long writing about my pain, loss, and sadness when it changed I just stopped writing. I’m not sure I can write about the happiness. Yes I have happy times, happy memories, even happy days. But how to

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Another Truth

The truth is no one knows you want them all The truth is you dream of lust gender is just a spice a variety The truth is you could have it if you only had the courage The truth is

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An Unplanned Adventure

The only way to fail is to not try Anything else is not failure it is just a path you did not plan on taking No path is failure just an unplanned adventure – Chas Harold

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Changing Place

He was hers and she was his loved and cherished it went both ways For tonight he was Master she his slave Love or no love her body was his and right now it was naked save the silver collar

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