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He Left Again

The invitation was sent a party for two Spent my time getting ready a hot bath in a deep tub I was all in red and he wore black he kissed my tear stained cheek The gentleness of his kiss

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Descending Again

Falling forward eyes tightly closed dying a little each day but no longer caring Curled tightly hiding in the dark very few tears left Craving release fearing there is no end Freedom stolen – Chas Harold

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I hope you know I love you still No matter what I always will I know we’ve grown apart it seems Still, I hold you in my dreams I hope these paths we walk each day will join again in

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Creative Differences

Once touching meant we could not sleep our bodies moved with pleasures deep We’d touch and tease, talk and sing from these hours our love did spring But we fell asleep and woke apart empty galleries there was no more

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Just Words

tired so very tired smiles to hide the broken parts of me fears that won’t set me free tears enough to drown my soul screams silenced by the masks I wear captive to all my unbroken promises forever knowing I’m

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