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Moving forward

Coming back? I know you’re not The breath I held I’ve freed at last Moving on? I know I’m not Moving forward I am at last – Shelly

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Creative Differences

Once touching meant we could not sleep our bodies moved with pleasures deep We’d touch and tease, talk and sing from these hours our love did spring But we fell asleep and woke apart empty galleries there was no more

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Call Again

The sweet torture of your voice your random late night calls never wanting the call to end Knowing it may be the last hoping it will be praying it wont You took your love from me but you never go

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My Cage

Searching. Lost. Confused. I try to dream of you. I fight to dream of you. But I lose. Trapped inside this cage. My cage, my mind. A cage of my creation? My own life. I had a Muse, my love,

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Tell me Your Secret

Why did your need for me expire before my need for you what happened to the promises Has forever come and gone without my noticing I thought 4 always, and in all ways would have been more I need your

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Not a Friend

It starts as a thought a frightening thought end it all You’re scared stunned how could you think of such a thing Then the fear changes slowly morphing when you realized it may be your only option Your only way

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Gone Now

Imagine your heart so full you can’t breath The beauty before you so intoxicating drunk with the sight The sound filling your ears so perfect it makes you cry Your senses overwhelmed all control lost That is what I lost

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