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Phoenix Love

Of you, I remember Jasmine filled the air Our first date I washed your hair. I remember your body A taste from head to toe Glistening with oil As you begged me not to go. I remember your smile Madness

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Though we howl in sadness now, the time for the wild rumpus will come back, and we will once again howl for glory and pleasure.   Remembering this and waiting is the hard part. – Chas Harold

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Descending Again

Falling forward eyes tightly closed dying a little each day but no longer caring Curled tightly hiding in the dark very few tears left Craving release fearing there is no end Freedom stolen – Chas Harold

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One Day I Hope

I want to be with you when you fall in love with yourself I want to look in your eyes when you realize you’ve been standing on your own I want to taste your victory when your self-imposed bonds fall

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I See You

I see you the ugly and the beautiful but I also see the parts you may not even see as we are sometimes blinded to our imperfection I see you the you that cries for the pain in the world

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I hope you know I love you still No matter what I always will I know we’ve grown apart it seems Still, I hold you in my dreams I hope these paths we walk each day will join again in

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I remember the first time you touched me you wrapped yourself around me, loved me and held me like no one ever had I played in your grass crying in your rain feeling all of you as you washed through

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