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Your All

Here’s a little secret you should know about me every time I look at you my heart jumps in glee I see your shinning smile and the sparkle in your eyes I value everything you are and wish to be

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Wish You Were

If you were right here with me I’d be down upon my knee My mouth and hands exploring all your chocolate beauty I’d listen to your whimpers watch you bite your bottom lip I’d pull you down beside me each

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Her Dream Date

She is luscious smiling towards you You’re in tux and tails she’s in a corseted gown She points toward a room an unmistakable invitation Unbearable to watch the easy sway of her hips Her face is filled with naiveté and

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Almost and Just About

You feel like home where I don’t have to put up any pretenses Where I’m most comfortable where I belong You give me so much happiness I feel like you belong with me just you no politeness or being afraid

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I’m Not OK

There’s a song that says “I have no right” but I did not let you go I never lost my love for you It was you that just let go you said you wanted more than I could give but

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Not Really Equal

He says to her “I love you” “You help me make it through my days.” She blushes and whispers softly “and you guide me through my nights. So I think we are very equal.” – Chas Harold

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Bedtime Story

“Wow the things I would love to do to and with you.” I told her. A hot blush moving across her neck and cheeks. I lean closer to her ear, whispering, “I close my eyes and here is what I

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