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Though we howl in sadness now, the time for the wild rumpus will come back, and we will once again howl for glory and pleasure.   Remembering this and waiting is the hard part. – Chas Harold

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He Left Again

The invitation was sent a party for two Spent my time getting ready a hot bath in a deep tub I was all in red and he wore black he kissed my tear stained cheek The gentleness of his kiss

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Silent Tears

In the silence and the still parts of my life I hear her sobs In the chaos and hustle of my day I feel her pain I know her sense of loss and abandonment I weep for her The her

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Creative Differences

Once touching meant we could not sleep our bodies moved with pleasures deep We’d touch and tease, talk and sing from these hours our love did spring But we fell asleep and woke apart empty galleries there was no more

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There Was A Time

There was a time we hung on each others words There was a time we hated to be apart There was a time an hour passed without talking There was a time that all changed There was a time you

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I am tired of over thinking until being in the verge of crying I am tired of beating myself up so much I am tired of always being in the edge of a break down I am tired of feeling

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A Cruel Thing the Mind is

Have you ever had that perfect moment of clarity where your mind finds that one memory you never wanted to remember and immerses you in it? Every sight, sound, and smell? Making you experience it over again without mercy. The

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