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I cry her tears To hide her pain I mask my fears Projecting societies shame She lives in me A prisoner of no crime Almost free Soon it will be time I can rest at last For she will be

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Transgender Visibility Day 2018

Posted March 31, 2018 to my Facebook page… I have never publicly made a big deal about my sex or my gender, as what I am isn’t up for debate. My biological make up is what it is and no

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One Day I Hope

I want to be with you when you fall in love with yourself I want to look in your eyes when you realize you’ve been standing on your own I want to taste your victory when your self-imposed bonds fall

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Knowledge Withheld

Out of place out of sync What they did to me was far worse than what nature had I had no friends I didn’t feel comfortable with either males or females With males I wasn’t sure was the way I

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Time For Change

I need to find the real me take off all my masks People use to notice change but now no one asks Once I thought I knew her and who we would be But life and other worries let her

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Growing Up Him

I never had a summer dress that gently caught the breeze I never had the kind of skirt that hung above the knees No one ever took me to have my nails done put my hair in pony tails or

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Set Her Free

They stood silently gazing into the others crying eyes Grey clouds fill his eyes their rain poured down his cheeks Hand to hand against the glass Always longing never touching To free her from her prison he knew the only

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